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Ph: 262-292-4002

Since 1932, the Old Time Ballplayers Association of Wisconsin has been one of the area’s best kept secrets. Members receive information and invitations to all functions like our Spring Baseball Jamboree and our annual Hall of Fame banquet, plus other special events promoting baseball. In addition thanks to the Milwaukee Brewers, members receive eight half price promotional coupons for games at American Family Field. Believe it. It has been happening every summer. It’s the best sports deal around. Join us, be in on the fun at American Family Field and become part of our great crusade. Complete the application and send it today along with your dues.

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Join nearly 3,000 baseball fans throughout the United States that have an ongoing love affair with the great game of baseball. Tell your family, friends and former teammates about this great opportunity to be a member of America’s largest baseball promoting organization. There’s no age limit, no gender requirement, just a love for and a desire to promote America’s greatest game, Baseball.


             Rick Schabowski, Pres.                        

Contact Us: Greg Ebbert:                                 
262-292-4002 – Phone Number
gregebbert@msn.com  – e-Mail